accredited ISO-9001:2000/QS-9000 by URS/UKAS

2000 accredited ISO-9002/QS-9000 by URS/UKAS
1998 OEM for a silicon wafer manufacturer
1993 contracted manufacturer of power steering oil tanks for Honda Motor
1992 contracted long-term filter supplier of Taiwan Motor Transport Co. Ltd.
1991 filters for air compressors successfully developed
1990 collaborating with Yu-Long Auto Engineering Center in developing air filter for model X601
1989 ranked Best Supplier by Yu-Long Motor (Nissan)
1989 ranked Best Supplier by Ford Motor
1986 approved as part of San-Yang Motorˇ¦s center-satellite system
1984 accredited CNSˇ]Chinese National Standardsˇ^mark management system certification
1978 office building and lab completed
1973 OEM for Lio-Ho Motor Co. (Toyota)
1970 passing US MIL, supplier for US Army military truck
1966 OEM for Kuang-Yang Motor Co. (Honda)
1963 OEM for Yu-Long Motor (Nissan)

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