Made of imported specialized filter media, Deer filters are tailored to customersˇ¦ specific business requirements. Deer filters deliver a superior performance than other filters on the market as tested according to industrial standards.

Deer filters feature in:

  • selected filter media of unique fiber, thickness and pore size
  • specially treated filter media to offer best possible filtration
  • effective filtration precision, filtration area and flow amount
  • higher reversibility and air permeation
  • durable materials and well-designed components
Our Products
ˇE Automobile, motorcycle filters  
    ˇV Oil filters
    ˇV Diesel filters
    ˇV Air filters
    ˇV Power steering oil tanks
    ˇV Fuel filters
    ˇV Cabin air filter


ˇE Forklift filters

ˇE Air compressor filters  
ˇE Semiconductor machinery filters
ˇE Customized filters  

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